CEO Business Outlook Survey for the rest of 2014 doc

As a Merger & Acquisitions Advisor to middle market business owners this year has been one of our hottest since 2007 in sheer numbers of owners looking to sell or raise money. I’ve written and spoken about why that is the case, but what are CEOs themselves saying about it? And why are so many middle market business owners still coming to market now?

The answers are this quick and concise study of CEO thinking conducted by Cohn Reznick to ask CEOs what they see and expect heading into the Fall and the rest of 2014…

See if you agree: Cohn Reznick CEO – Business Outlook Study – 2H 2014


It takes years to build trust and become your M&A Advisor… I hope this and other articles I can share with you bring us another step closer to that goal. Call anytime.


Rick Andrade