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Do You Know Your CEO Decision IQ?

On a cold day in Detroit January 5th, 1914 Henry Ford made a decision that would change history. He decided to pay his assembly workers more than twice the going $2 per day wage at the time in a desperate attempt to stem worker turn-over, and reduce errors fast. The result was an American first; […]

2015: The Year of the Business Sale

As another year passes into the history books, it’s a Happy New Year ahead indeed. Not since 2008 has a new year looked as promising for business owners and CEOs in the U.S. Why? Because like the planets circling the sun, as trends come and go, rarely do they align. But when they do, it’s […]

A Decision Tree Exit: Helping business owners decide when to sell

  Some of the oldest and most respected things alive on this planet are trees, very old trees. The oldest is called Methuselah, a Bristlecone Pine tree, which sits ten thousand feet up in California’s White Mountains 100 miles north of Mt Whitney and is said to be 5,000 years old. Methuselah is nature’s most […]

Are you a Scaredy Cat CEO?

For some it’s a new day, for others the smell of fear lingers on more than 7 years past the Great Recession when life changed in America. Back then the pace of global M&A was approaching $4 Trillion, today it’s half that. But like all cycles long or short things come back around and when […]

CEO Business Outlook Survey for the rest of 2014 doc

As a Merger & Acquisitions Advisor to middle market business owners this year has been one of our hottest since 2007 in sheer numbers of owners looking to sell or raise money. I’ve written and spoken about why that is the case, but what are CEOs themselves saying about it? And why are so many […]

Why Bank Lending is Up

According to the FDIC banks are adding more loans to their portfolios this year through the 2nd quarter. The 2.3% jump is the largest since the Great Recession started back in 2007. The reason for the uptick is not just the obvious higher loan demand, lower loan loss reserves and a loosening of lending terms amidst historically […]

Why M&A is Red Hot this Summer?

It’s going to get really hot this summer. Southern California in summer; hot, dry, and happening. Despite rankings among the least friendly states to do business, when Californians get happy feet, the rest of the country starts jumping. That means as the velocity of money (spending) increases, the value of small businesses across the nation […]

US Census Reports – Baby Boom Bubble

Check out the attached Baby Boomers – 2014 US Census release. It’s an important study of the Baby Boomer population in the US from its peak of 77 million in 2012 to less than 2.5 million in 2060. As a part of this trend, if you are a Baby Boomer like me this study is a […]

M&A 2014 Outlook

Why Lenders Say No

Eh! It’s 2014: Show me the Money, Jerry   February 13, 2014 • Rick Andrade • Print published:  Vistage for CEOs “Show me the money,” shouts a screaming football player (played by Cuba Gooding Jr) into the phone to his sports agent Jerry Maguire (played by Tom Cruise) in the movie. The scene is forever […]