Welcome and thanks for coming over. This site is for all business leaders and advisors in the Middle Market. Here you can expect to read and learn from experienced business owners and professionals who will share their expertise on preparing to buy, sell, finance, and value a business.

As a middle market business consultant for more than 25 years, I have learned one golden rule above all others. Education and knowledge have no substitute in middle market mergers and acquisitions. Here in Los Angeles (I live in Encino) there is no shortage of middle market experts who can help buy, sell or finance your business. I am lucky enough to have learned from many of these pros, and with this site I can now share what I learned  as a middle market business broker and advisor to dozens of clients over the years across many industries.

So feel free to poke around:

  • Articles on how to sell and value your company
  • How to finance growth
  • How to decide if you can afford to make a middle market acquisition
  • How to raise capital in the middle market
  • How to sell your company to a Private Equity Group
  • Tips on how to increase the value of your company
  • Pitfalls to avoid when selling your business
  • And links to middle market buy, sell, finance, resources.

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