Webinar: The Transaction of a Lifetime – Strategies for planning the sale of your business

I had the honor of participating on a recent webinar panel with 3 other guest speakers discussing how and why business owners should pre-plan their exit before they sell their most valuable asset.

Click on the link below for a Free copy and hear from experts on the subject as well as my take on the difference between Price and Valuation Multiples.

Here was the agenda:

– Creating a Check List is your first move
– Pre-planning (>2 yrs before transition)
– Short term planning (<2 yrs before transition)
– Exit strategy
– How to execute the plan

 Who attended:

CEOs, CFOs, business owners and advisors

The Panel:

Rick Andrade, Managing Director – Janas Associates M&A Investment Banking firm
Andy Horowitz, VP with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
Ronald S. Friedman CPA Partner with Marcum LLP
Lewis Stanton, Managing Partner at Stanton Associates LLC