US Census Reports – Baby Boom Bubble

Check out the attached Baby Boomers – 2014 US Census release. It’s an important study of the Baby Boomer population in the US from its peak of 77 million in 2012 to less than 2.5 million in 2060. As a part of this trend, if you are a Baby Boomer like me this study is a real eye-opener. Especially for business owners who are collectively headed for some big demographic changes in the next few years. So what should you do?

Well, as more business owners begin the hunt for buyers in the next 3-5 yrs, a key successful selling factor is likely to favor those SMBs with more diverse customer/product channels.

This emphasizes the need to have (or develop) a broader Value Proposition for growth, as potential buyers will seek to pay premiums for those more diverse global business players.

Best advice?

Read the report. Then decide how closely you want your business products and services to closely align with this Baby Boomer bubble. Just one thing. As time goes by… beware the law of diminishing returns.

Until then…I am always happy to hear from you…  And please remember to forward any clients that may need some friendly buy/sell advice. It’s always free.